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If you are interested in Medicinal Cannabis information, screening and want to know how to legally be prescribed, book your appointment with one of our pharmacists, Joseph Espiritu or Sarah Kim.

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Meet Joseph

Joseph Espiritu


Joseph has achieved a Bachelor of Medicl Science at the University of Technology Sydney and a Masters of Pharmacy at the University of Sydney. He has developed an extensive understanding of medicinal cannabis pharmacology and therapeutic effects. He provides a screening consultation and doctor referral if you are eligible for medicinal cannabis treatment.

His focus and passion is to provide empathetic, accurate and concise education to patients and healthcare professionals whilst maintaining and updating his medical knowledge.

Joseph has been a registered pharmacist for over 10 years, having worked as a Hospital Clinical Pharmacist and a Medical Information Associate in Pharmaceuticals. Joseph also currently works as a Community Pharmacist.


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Why does Medlab cannabis-based medicine use NanoCelle® technology?

Like cooking oils, cannabis oil-based solutions are unable to mix in water, meaning they aren't absorbed effectively in the gut after being swallowed. The oral absorption of cannabinoids is slow, erratic and highly variable, depending on the fat content of the food it's taken with. What little is absorbed is extensively metabolised by the liver, leaving as little as 6% of the cannabinoids, THC and CBD, to enter the systemic circulation for the body to use. This concept is known as bioavailability.

Patients diagnosed with chronic pain can present with intestinal microbial dysbiosis, which may dysregulate digestion and promote inflammation, further reducing the absorption and efficacy of oral cannabinoid formulations.

To address the issue of poor solubility and oral absorption, an Australian biotechnology company has developed NanoCelle®, a unique technology that converts a range of poorly water-soluble molecules (such as cannabinoids) into a water-soluble nanoparticle form to maximise absorption, thus enhancing bioavailability. 

NanoCelle® particles are administered to the buccal mucosa (inside of the cheek) using a fine spray. This route provides rapid access to the bloodstream and increased bioavailability since it avoids erratic gastrointestinal absorption and first past metabolism. As a result, this significantly reduces the dose of medication required compared to orally ingested forms.

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Our virtual consultations are no obligation, completely free and no credit card will be required.

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