Nanocelle® Innovative Drug Delivery of Small Molecules


How Nanocelle Works®


NanoCelle® creates nano-sized water-soluble particles that enable optimised delivery of particles, overcoming issues with solubility, and degradation.

Meaning they can pass more easily into the bloodstream for faster absorption and metabolism whilst employ nontraditional routes of administration.


  • Creates an average particle size of 5 nm to approximately 90 nm (depending on payload).
  • Consists of an inner hydrophobic core (active agents combined with lipid carrier or itself lipid-soluble and outer hydrophilic shell (various surfactants).
  • Utilises a variety of administration routes (oro-buccal, oral, topical, nasal) for a more optimised delivery of a medicine
Drug Molecule
NanoCelle® improves the solubility of an API whilst bypassing the gut (first-pass metabolism).

Our platform has applications in the following small molecule areas:

  • Generics
  • Nutraceuticals
  • New Chemical Entities (NCE)

Small-molecule drugs have been the mainstay of the pharmaceutical industry for nearly a century. Defined as any organic compound with low molecular weight, small-molecule drugs have some distinct advantages as therapeutics. Most can be administered orally, and they can pass through cell membranes to reach intracellular targets. They can also be designed to engage biological targets by various modes of action and their distribution can further be tailored.

Medlab Ora-Buccal route

NanoCelle® delivers active molecules via multiple, different routes


  • The most common delivery method of NanoCelle® is to spray the inside of the cheek (the oral-buccal membrane), giving direct access to the body’s systemic circulation system via the facial lymphatics
  • The oral-buccal membrane is only 40-50 cell layers thick
  • Highly vascularized oral-buccal mucosa means the blood flow is faster and richer, compared to sublingual, gingival, and palatal regions
  • Passive diffusion of NanoCelle® drug molecules facilitated and enhanced to achieve a therapeutic effect
  • Convenient oral spray that bypasses the gastrointestinal tract

NanoCelle® technology can be utilised in multiple drug delivery systems from oral-buccal, intranasal, and topical or transdermal delivery directly into the bloodstream



NanoCelle® offers a solution for an unmet need in medicine

60% of marketed drugs are
via oral gastrointestinal administration

NanoCelle® creates water-soluble nano-particles of the active pharmaceutical ingredient. The bioavailability, or the percentage of active ingredient absorbed into the bloodstream, is influenced by drug solubility. In multiple studies, NanoCelle® has demonstrated efficacy at a fraction of the dose of its tablet or liquid counterparts, regardless of the original solubility characteristics of the active ingredient. This means NanoCelle® products require less API, lowering the risk of adverse events whilst ensuring high absorption. Biodegradable polymers produced as part of nanocellisation ensures specific size, gravity, and viscosity of the final formulation.

The image above shows on the left side Atorvastatin in water (1.7 mg/mL) and on the right side NanoCelle®-Atorvastatin formulation (1.7 mg/mL).

Upon entry into the bloodstream, NanoCelle® has been shown to effectively enter the tissue and release API.

Patients don’t need to take as much medicine and are at lower risk of side-effects or drug-on-drug interaction

NanoCelle® has the potential to transform medicine

•The ability to be transferred to multiple routes of administration

•Biocompatibility with a standard oral delivered drug (i.e. Atorvastatin)

•Target tissues of specific sites or cell populations

•Release of the drug in a predetermined manner, degradation within an acceptable period of time, speed in absorption

•API protection against degradation