NanoCelle® – a gamechanger for drug delivery


Medlab's NanoCelle®  drug delivery nanotechnology aims to overcome the limitations facing current conventional drug delivery for small and large molecules. NanoCelle® creates nano-sized water-soluble particles that enable optimised and standardised delivery of medicines, overcoming issues with solubility and degradation.

NanoCelle® particles can administer a variety of medicines directly into the bloodstream, without needles or pills. The NanoCelle® platform allows medicines to be delivered via multiple routes which bypass first-pass metabolism allowing for quicker absorption, greater drug bioavailability and superior efficacy. Delivering a lower required dosage by a NanoCelle® particle can also reduce the risk of adverse events.

NanoCelle® offers a market-ready and commercially viable solution with patent protection in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK and Europe until 2036. 

The application of nanotechnology in medicine offers exciting possibilities to improve and discover new drug delivery systems, therapies, diagnostics, anti-microbial techniques, and forms of cell repair. 

NanoCelle API

Our research


Our research into nano-sized particles has spanned more than two decades and our patented technology is a gamechanger for enhancing medicines and more.

Medlab's sub-micron particle NanoCelle® demonstrates:

  • Clear and water-soluble drug formulations 
  • Enhanced drug bioavailability
  • Stability: up to two years at room temperature
  • Scalable: 50 mL to 1000 litres
  • Administration and Dosing Flexibility: oro-buccal sprays, nasal sprays, oral gels, dermal and transdermal formulations, topical gels, topical lotions, ingestible liquids, adsorption onto solid carriers
  • Applications: a wide variety of hydrophobic drugs, peptide, nutrients and oil extracts.

How does NanoCelle® work?

Traditional oral drug delivery relies on the active ingredient being absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract and metabolized by the liver before reaching the bloodstream. This process is known as first-pass metabolism and is unique to oral medication.

Regardless of the original solubility characteristics of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), NanoCelle® creates water-soluble nanoparticles that are less than 90 nm in size with a hydrophobic core and hydrophilic shell.

NanoCelle® drug delivery platform allows for medicines to bypass the gut and instead enhances oral-buccal, intranasal, and topical or transdermal delivery directly into the bloodstream. The most common use of NanoCelle® is to spray the inside of the cheek to reach the bloodstream via the oral buccal membrane.

Oral buccal spray and other routes of administrating NanoCelle® are easily performed and are an alternative to oral drug administration without compromising compliance. This is particularly useful for patients who have difficulties with swallowing tablets, or experience gastrointestinal complications.

NanoCelle absorption and bioavailability graph

NanoCelle® increases drug bioavailability 


The bioavailability of orally administered drugs are strongly influenced by their water solubility and permeability across the GIT mucosal epithelium. 

However, NanoCelle® creates water-soluble nano-sized particles that can pass directly across the oral-buccal membrane, improving the absorption and efficacy of medicines.

The use of NanoCelle® nano-particles significantly increases:

  • Solubility
  • Absorption
  • Bioavailability
  • Stability


NanoCelle® nanoparticles can be utilised in multiple drug delivery systems from oral-buccal, intranasal, and topical or transdermal delivery directly into the bloodstream.


NanoCelle® applications currently in development

NanoCelle® has been applied to a wide range of molecules including cannabinoids, statins, CoQ10, curcumin, insulin, steroids, ACE inhibitors, antibiotics and immunosuppressive agents. 


Particle Size (nm)



NanaBis™ (1:1 THC:CBD (8.33mg/mL THC and 8.33mg/mL CBD)

33.33 nm

8.3 mg/mL


NanoCBD™ (16.66 mg/mL CBD)

21.29 nm

16.67 mg/mL


NanaBidialTM (<1:20 THC:CBD (20mg/mL CBD and less than 1mg/mL THC) 

20 nm

20 mg/mL


Ampicillin Sodium Salt (2162016AMP)- antibiotics


2 mg/mL

0.6 mg/0.3mL

Atorvastatin (1022015ATO)


10 mg/mL

3 mg/0.3mL

Atorvastatin (1232015ATO)


0.1 mg/mL

0.03 mg/0.3mL

Atorvastatin (03212017ATO)


8.3 mg/mL

2.49 mg/0.3mL

Atorvastatin (3152017ATO)


13.3 mg/mL

3.99 mg/0.3mL

Atorvastatin-25 (12142015ATO25)


1.67 mg/mL

0.5 mg/0.3mL

Atorvastatin-30 (12142015ATO30)


1.67 mg/mL

0.5 mg/0.3mL

Atorvastatin (2162016ATO)


10 mg/mL

3 mg/0.3mL

Beta-Estradiol (2162016EST)-hormones


1 mg/mL

0.3 mg/0.3mL

Fexofenadine (TelfastTM)


4 mg/mL

1.2 mg/0.3mL

Dexamethasone (2162016DEX)-hormones


2.6 mg/mL

0.78 mg/0.3mL

Insulin (1022015INS)


15 IU/mL

4.5 mg/0.3mL

Perindopril Erbumine (2162016PER)-ACEi


7 mg/mL

2.1 mg/0.3mL

Progestogen (2162016PEO)-hormones


2 mg/mL

0.6 mg/0.3mL

Rosuvastatin (1022015ROS)-statin


2 mg/mL

0.6 mg/0.3mL

Rosuvastatin (1022015ROS)-statin


2 mg/mL

0.6 mg/0.3mL

Sertraline Hydrochloride (2162016SER)-SSRI


0.5 mg/mL

0.15 mg/0.3mL

Testosterone Propionate (123015TES)-hormones


15 mg/mL

4.5 mg/0.3mL

CoQ10 (2182916CoQ10)


100 mg/mL

30 mg/0.3mL

CoQ10 (2182916CoQ10)


100 mg/mL

30 mg/0.3mL



3333 IU/ mL

1000 IU/0.3 mL

D3 & K2 (2182016D3K2)


3333 IU+150mcg/0.3 mL

1000 IU+45 mcg/0.3 mL

Melatonin (2182016MEL)


8.3 mg/mL


Cyanocobalamin B12


3333 IU/ mL

1000 IU/0.3 mL

Methylcobalamin B12 (2182016B12)


3333 IU/ mL

1000 IU/0.3 mL

NanoCelle® third party validation

Medlab partners with Particle Technology Labs Ltd (PTL) 

PTL is a premier particle technology research company and trusted advisor to the world's industry leaders in pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, defence, agriculture, food and beverage industry as well as the public sector and scientific organisations. 

PTLs’ expert analysts generate unbiased particle characterization research information and regulatory compliance. 

NanoCelle atorvastatin tablet bioavailability

How will Nanotechnology progress medicine?


Nanotechnology can enhance medical delivery and therefore the efficacy of pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and herbal medicines.

In multiple studies, NanoCelle® has demonstrated efficacy at a fraction of the dose of its tablet or liquid counterparts. This means patients don’t need to take as much medicine and are at lower risk of side effects or drug-on-drug interactions.

NanoCelle® has been used in over 100,000 units dispensed to patients and offers exciting possibilities from its application to drug delivery, therapy techniques, and diagnostic techniques.

Simple, viable, scalable production

  • Medlab’s NanoCelle® production process has obvious advantages – using readily available materials with low economic costs
  • Simple processing method that can be easily done in single-day production, using standard pharmaceutical liquid manufacturing equipment
  • Able to be scaled up for high-volume production
  • Replicable procedure that, with minor adjustments, can be applied to a wide variety of active ingredients, both nutritional and pharmaceutical
  • Technology transfer expectations are estimated at three months, based on the recipient having heated jacket capabilities
  • API validated by the University of Sydney and Particle Technology Labs, USA


Product Development

Medlab continues to formulate and refine better solutions using nanotechnology.

Get in touch to discuss how NanoCelle® could innovate your future developments

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