Our Story
  1. Medlab was born June 2012.

    Designed to research and develop new biological medicines, specifically targeting health conditions previously thought to be untreatable with biologics

    September 2012

    Work starts on Medlab’s new laboratories – capable of performing state of the art biological and blood research as well as quality, clinical and medical testing, and pathology work

    October 2012

    Professor Luis Vitetta joins as Director of Medical Research

  2. April 2013

    Our purpose built laboratories gain Physical Containment Level 2 (PC2) certification

    August 2013

    5 provisional patents are filed representing our first projects in biological medicine development in the areas of:

    • Pain and pain management
    • Obesity
    • Chronic kidney disease
    • Depression
    • Anti-ageing and telomere activity

    September 2013

    First Australian patent granted: Liquid compositions comprising Vitamin D and uses thereof

  3. Medlab Research facilities upgraded for research using illicit drugs and research and pharmaceutical development

    Medlab launches

    Its first 3 evidence-based nutraceuticals:

    • MultiBiotic
    • NRGBiotic
    • Enbiotic
  4. July 2015

    Medlab is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange ASX:MDC

    July 2015

    Granted a Cannabis Research Deed, making Medlab the first commercial entity in Australia to be given such a licence

    December 2015

    Medlab completes first US export order and signs first Chinese distribution agreement for Nutraceuticals

    Medlab launches

    Its first two (2) NanoCelle® nutraceuticals:

    • NanoCelle® D3
    • NanoCelle® B12


    And launches an additional seven (7) specific evidence-based nutraceuticals


    Phase 1 Study for Nutraceuticals concludes for Pre-Diabetes and T2DM. Showing significant gut microbiome changes achievable with secondary benefits such as reduction in glucose markers on new Medlab product

    8 Patents granted:

    • Probiotic compositions and uses thereof:
      • for treatment of obesity-related disorders – Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)
      • NRGBiotic
      • (VI) ImmuneBiotic
      • EnBiotic
      • NRGBiotic (Innovation)
      • (II) – Cannabinoids
      • (I) – Chronic kidney disease (CKD)
    • Treatment for depression and depressive disorders – Orotate
  5. March 2016

    US corporate name change from InMed to Medlab

    August 2016

    Medlab signs Aphria Agreement for cannabis supply on proprietary blend

    November 2016

    TGA grants licence for Cannabis (Import licence)

    Medlab launches

    New NanoCelle™ product: NanoCelle™ Activated B12

    And 7 new evidenced based nutraceuticals


    • Phase 2a Depression Study using NRG Biotic, announced and commenced
    • Phase I NRGBiotic™ / Depression Trial completed

    4 patents granted:

    • Probiotic compositions:
      • for weight management - W8Biotic
      • for rehydration – ORSBiotic
    • Transmucosal and transdermal delivery systems – NanoCelle
    • Yeast-containing compositions for gastrointestinal health - GastroDaily
  6. March 2017

    Channel 9 coverage on Medlab's NanoCelle® Atorvastatin

    June 2017

    Medlab signs agreement with Singapore for nutraceutical distribution

    November 2017

    TGA Special Access Scheme (SAS) allows use of Cannabis medicines


    • Phase II NRGBiotic™ / Depression trial begins with ethics granted

    Medlab receives HREC approval for two cannabis studies:

    • NanaBis™
    • NanaBidial™

    Patent granted

    • NRGBiotic™ (anti-depression)
  7. December 2018

    Medlab expands into Europe


    • NanaBis™ advanced cancer pain Trial at Royal North Shore Hospital commences
    • Phase II NRGBiotic™/Depression Trial recruitment begins
    • Successful completion of phase I NanaBis™ Trial
  8. Nutraceuticals introduced to 2100 pharmacies


    • NanaBis™ Trial II Ethics approval
    • NanaBidial™ Phase I trial complete
  9. Australian patent granted:

    • NanoCelle®


    • UK NanaBis™ trial launch
  10. July 2021

    Master Services Agreement (MSA) in UK

    Patents granted:

    • NanoCelle® – Europe & Canada


    • Synthetic introduction to phase III NanaBis™ announced
    • NanaBis™ Phase III Trials approved in Australia
    • Strong NRGBiotic™ results achieved
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