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Medlab Clinical (ASX: MDC) is an Australian publicly listed biotechnology company with a global market opportunity. Our team of scientists, researchers and doctors are dedicated to building products that are scientifically optimised for a better life, specialising in oncology and enhanced drug delivery.

Medlab has a portfolio of novel cannabinoid-based assets enhanced by our leading drug delivery platform. Our lead drug candidate, NanaBis™, is an opioid alternative for cancer-induced pain management, with company-making potential and a global market opportunity. 

Core to our value proposition is NanoCelle®, our patented sub-micron drug delivery platform that vastly improves drug solubility issues and enables faster absorption and metabolism of active ingredients. NanoCelle® underpins our growth strategy by offering near-term partnering opportunities whilst enhancing our pharma portfolio. 

Investment Highlights

  • Patented NanoCelle® drug delivery platform with value creation optionality, enhancing our product portfolio whilst offering near term partnering opportunities
  • World-class Board, management and scientific consulting team with strong experience bringing novel therapeutics to market
  • Scientifically optimised portfolio of cannabinoid therapeutics addressing a global unmet need in oncology areas including pain management
  • Lead candidate NanaBis™ Phase I/II primary and secondary endpoints met in bone cancer patients, replicated in a real-world observational study. Stage III commencing in near-term with robust and clear drug pathway in US, EU and Australia
  • NanaBis™ proof of concept established and early revenue being generated via Special Access Scheme





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