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Jefferies Nov 2022

Jefferies Healthcare Conference, LONDON – November 2022

Switzer Small and Micro Cap Investor Strategy Day 2022

Our CEO Dr Sean Hall speaks at the Switzer Small and Micro Cap Investor Strategy Day 2022.

A new focus on patient suffering

Even in today’s world of exponential technology and wonder drugs, patients all over the world still have extreme, desperate experiences.

Now this is scalable – a drug delivery platform rather than a drug itself

Now this is scalable – a drug delivery platform rather than a drug itself

Listen to ASX-listed Medlab Clinical CEO Dr Sean Hall talk to Matt Birney on the Bulls N’ Bears Report on Deb Knight show on 873 am. (2GB), about Medlab’s development of a potent drug delivery platform that can potentially piggyback any drug to where it needs to go.

Jefferies Healthcare Conference - 2021

Medlab outlines its growth strategy for US and global investors at the prestigious annual Jefferies Healthcare Conference.

2021 Australian Pain Society Dr. Jeremy Henson

Can improved mucosal absorption allow a THC/CBD oro-buccal spray to achieve clinical efficacy in chronic pain?

Innovating Humanity

The past decade has significantly changed the world we live in; specifically looking at events surrounding the global opioid crisis and now COVID-19, the medical offerings for treatment, risk control and subsequent management have been found wanting. The medical/pharmaceutical industries are ripe for innovation as new threats plague our existence, suggesting our lack of readiness to combat our immediate needs may offer insights into our readiness (or lack thereof) for other potential impacts. With chronic illnesses on the rise, these medical crisis’s adds to the overall human and economic burden. This presentation looks at the path, discusses examples of innovation Medlab has undertaken, and theorises the future and its needs. Irrespective of specifics, innovation in medicine, drug design and regulatory models are much needed to ensure the health and safety of the future human race.

NeuroLogical pain drugs from cannabis

Dr Sean Hall, CEO of Medlab presents on Potentiating new NeuroLogical pain drugs from cannabis

Cannabis-based clinical research update

An update on the cannabis-based clinical research programme.

Understanding the Clinical Applications of NanoCelle

What are nanoparticles, and their applications in medicine Safety of nanotechnology NanoCelle - what is it? Oro-buccal delivery Medlab's B12 comparative data