Scientifically optimised for a better life


Medlab Clinical Ltd is an Australian, publicly listed biotechnology company that formulates and enhances viable therapeutic solutions.   

Our team of scientists, researchers and doctors are dedicated to building products that are scientifically optimised for a better life. Proudly validated by patents and R&D milestones, the quality and safety of our products set us apart as a world-class offering. 

We can deliver more for human health and beyond.

Medlab - Scientifically optimised for a better life


Specialising in solutions that improve the quality of life


Medlab is finding new ways to address the biggest challenges of our time, including the growing burden of chronic conditions, suboptimal pain management as well as enhancing drug delivery options with nanotechnology.

We are specialising in solutions in the field of oncology with our leading novel drug candidate is an opioid alternative for cancer-induced pain management.
Life expectancy for cancer patients has improved yet there has been little advancement in the management of cancer pain.  
Opioids and opioid derivatives remain the main method of treatment of cancer-related pain, despite there being little evidence for long-term efficacy and known risk of side effects. 

There is a need for viable alternatives that can delay or alleviate the need to use opioids for pain management. 

  • 50% of people living with cancer pain are thought to be under-treated
  • 64% of patients with metastatic cancer are currently not helped by an existing pain therapy
  • Up to 75% of patients with bone metastasis endure crippling bone pain


State-of-the-art certified laboratory


Medlab is the only Australian pharmaceutical and nutraceutical research team that own and houses a state-of-the-art Physical Containment Level 2 Laboratory (PC2 Laboratory). 

PC2 Laboratory certificates are issued by the Department of Health, Office of the Gene Technology Regulatory.

There are four levels of physical containment applied to facilities certified by the Regulator; these are arranged in order of ascending stringency of containment requirements, which reflect the level of risk involved in the activities undertaken. 

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